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1941 Black Crackle Replica

The 1941 Black Crackle Replica Zippo was made to be as exact as the black crackle which was manufactured in 1941-1942.

They share the same major characteristics, 14 hole chimney, 4 barrel hinge, and flat bottom.

Zippo collectors will know how to see the differences between them. The original black crackle insert has a horizontal flintwheel, which was replaced in the late 1946 by a slanted one. Not only that, the original black crackle case and insert are made of steel, while the current ones are all made using brass.

The shapes of the cams which are welded onto the top lid of the lighters are different as well. The original features a square sharp edged cam, while the cam on the replica has cut corners.

The steel insert of the WWII black crackle in 1941-1942 is unmarked, unlike the replica, it has zippo stamp on it.

Not only that, the way the 4 barrel hinges are wrapped around each other is different as well.

Can you spot the replica?

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