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1939 Mint in Box MobilGas Zippo Lighter

One of our showpiece in our collection, a Mint in box Mobilgas Zippo Lighter, made in 1939.

As we can see, it has all the characteristics of a 1941 brushed chrome replica, produced by Zippo in recent years.

4 barrel hinge, 14 hole chimney, PAT 2032695 bottom stamp, rounded corners. On the front bottom panel of the lighter, is Mobilgas Metallique. For the new collectors, this word (Metallique) may be new. It was actually made by another company, called ProBar in the 1930s. a very thin piece of metal, cut out and sent to Zippo, for its employees to stick onto the lighter, and paint over it.

We will talk more about metalliques next time. Right now, lets just enjoy the pictures!

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