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Mysteries of the Forest (Part 2/3)

A companion lighter to Mysteries of the Forest, Mother and Cub at Turtle Falls produced in 1995.

Brass finish with technographics process on high polish brass Zippo.

Beside it, is another lighter which made debut 10 years after Mysteries of the Forest was released.

This was actually an alternate art which was submitted, but not used for the 1995 Collectible of the Year. Instead of using the previous technographics process, it was colour imaging process on a high polish brass, which cause the colours to be much brighter when you place them side by side.

Limited to 30,000 pieces worldwide, this is a hard to find zippo.

On the left, is the companion lighter, Mother and Cub at Turtle Falls released in year 1995.

Beside it, is the 10th year anniversary Zippo released in year 2005, limited to 30,000 pieces worldwide.

Mother and Cub at Turtle Falls, using technographics process.

10th Anniversary Mysteries of the Forest, released in 2005.

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