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1936 Vintage Zippos

Thanks to some friends in Vietnam, finally got hold of some vintage 1936 Zippo lighters which are in superb condition.

These lighters were manufactured in 1936, with their distinctive features.

Squarish sharp corners, inside 4 barrel hinges, flat bottoms with PAT 2032695 stamped on, horizontal flintwheels, unmarked inserts, piston-like cam springs, U-shaped cams which were soldered onto the top lids and 14 holes chimneys.

Diagonal lines at the corners of the lighters were added since later on in year 1933 after the first Zippo was sold. We named it as Art Deco. The simple, clean geometric shapes offer a streamlined look that people love.

Featured below, a U shaped Cam which was soldered onto the top lid. This was a handmade process, unlike the cams on Zippos now, which are attached to the hinge.

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