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Pure and Precious Metal Series Zippo Lighter (Copper)

In 2002, Zippo had a run of Solid Copper Zippo Lighter Prototype. The Z Series Copper Project.

A total of 21,441 of Z Series Solid Copper Zippos were produced.

- 10,188 pieces for the US market coded "A"

- 7,507 pieces for the Asian and Pacific market coded "AP"

- 3,646 pieces for the European market coded "E"

- 100 pieces for Zippo Click coded "ZC"

After a successful run with the Z series Copper Project Zippos, Zippo then started to sell solid Copper Zippos from the year 2003 to 2006. In year 2003, they produced a Street finished surface solid Copper Zippo line for Marlboro, named Marlboro Blend No.27. These are highly sought after by Marlboro collectors.

Similar to solid Titanium Zippos, the price of solid Copper Zippos increased yearly, from a mere US$24.95 retail price in year 2006 to US$250 in year 2020.

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