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Pure and Precious Metal Series Zippo Lighters (Titanium)

Over the past years, Zippo has manufactured a few sensational precious metal series lighters.

Namely the solid Titanium Zippo lighter (discontinued), the solid Copper Zippo lighter (discontinued), the solid Brass Zippo lighter, the Sterling Silver Zippo lighter, and of course, the solid Gold Zippo lighter.

The solid Titanium Zippo was manufactured in the year 2001, with the production halted in year 2006. They retailed for only US$98 initially, but due to the stop in production in year 2006.

Solid Titanium Zippo lighters became much sought after, by collectors around the world, causing its price to reach new heights every year, as the number of solid Titanium Zippos decrease in the market.

The unique patina formed by the chemical reaction of solid Titanium surface with our human oil over time is what makes it so special.

Due to the properties of Titanium, a solid Titanium Zippo lighter weighs only 44grams, compared to a normal chrome plated Zippo lighter at 56.7grams.

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